Monday, 10 April 2017

How to Boost Mobile Application Marketing with Social Media?

Social media is the most powerful marketing channel for app publishers. When used smartly, it works as an effective way to raise the exposure and user retention. So, how will you boost your app marketing with social media? In case you don't have any experience of online marketing, applying social media to boost your app downloads may seem like a challenging task. But with proper plan and strategies, it is easy to promote your mobile app.

You must not be limited to Facebook and YouTube while working on mobile app marketing. Nowadays there are several other platforms such as Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and other powerful platforms available that can help you in the best way possible. Here are some tips that will help app publishers to perform mobile app marketing successfully using social media:

Regularize publishing

In order to promote your upcoming mobile app, it is vital to create news. This strategy works not only in the first stages of mobile app development but even after a successful launch in the marketplace. It can be accomplished by making consistent yet valuable postings on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other popular platforms. Once you launch, make sure to ask the feedback from your users and followers. It is essential to engage them with useful content, impressive pictures, and videos.

Promote it with Blogs

Content is the King; when it comes to search engine optimization and marketing. So, whether you are launching a website or a mobile app, it is necessary to provide your users with fruitful content. The content can be shared in the form of blog, press release, or tweet. If you are promoting your mobile app, choose and share the best available content. It will be an ideal representation of your mobile application so that the users can judge the functionality of your product. Social Media is known as the cost-effective platform widely used for marketing. Most of the popular platforms are available for free where you want to boost your followers.

Images are Worth a Thousand Words

An image tells a significant amount of descriptive text that can be used to promote your mobile app in the most effective way. You can create engaging posts with the images in order to make your app stand out from the crowd. You can highlight any exciting features of your app in the image. Moreover, you can use infographics to present the functionality or any valuable tips relevant to your app.

Being the most powerful platform for marketing, social media helps you promote your mobile app with ease. Follow all these above-mentioned tips to maximize mobile application marketing. Besides, if you are looking for a reliable mobileapp development company in Fort Lauderdale to build an amazing mobile app, then visit Digital Pursuit. 

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Mobile App Development - How Does It Affect Your Web Presence?

It seems that every business today is on smart-phones and through a mobile app development you can immediately get what you want. Whether you’d be providing movie ticket booking service or a service for restaurant seat booking, we got you covered. But did you pondered over the importance of mobile app or your business.
If you overlook the power of mobile app, do you have any other alternatives which can efficiently deliver your web presence for people who count upon smart-phones for accessing the Internet?

We’ll dig into the reasons for the mobile app in the below write-up. For businesses that don't opt for an app, they still need to boost their online presence for rapidly increasing mobile audience.

Mobile App Development - Why you need to have one?

Mobile apps deliver another useful platform to a business site, its products or the service which it offers.  One of the great benefits of a mobile app is that it lets users access content without using a web browser, typing in the web address, and waiting for the website to load.

If you clients regularly visit your site to look up for something fresh that you provide, or for your service, then investing in a mobile app is a smart move. For easy service delivery, quicker or more available for clients, an app addresses all.

Alternative - Responsive Mobile Website Design

Businesses that don't choose mobile app development should go for a development which is smoothly operated and can be accessed on a smartphone.

Business sites designed for both - mobile devices and desktops need to be responsive which means they can identify the device type used for displaying the website, and alter it accordingly to make it available to the user.

If your site isn’t built with responsive mobile design, probably you are losing many of your prospective clients. Furthermore, you may be losing the hold of your rank on the search engines. Google keep sites on higher positions if their sites are mobile responsive designed. Slow websites, or those who load incompletely on mobile devices, get pushed lower into the SERPs than others.

Are you in plans for mobile app development Company in Fort Lauderdale? Or planning to revamp Responsive Website? Call Us!

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Thursday, 10 November 2016

How Website Redesigning Benefits Your Business Lead Generation?

The potential trump card of your tool stockpile for effective lead generation is website redesign. The complete redesigning of your business website ultimately increases your lead generation and conversion prospects ever than before.

Several websites are nothing but just a praised company circular, but with some slight changes, your site can make more. Read to know more why revamping your site with a Web Design Company Fort Lauderdale is favorable for your business lead generation.

Redesign every web page

Conceptually the lead generation processes is utilizing the marketing methods to dynamize and obtain the buyer's interest in your service or product to build sales, which necessarily should involve every single web page. Each web page must be designed to accomplish the further purpose, even if it is about getting the web visitants by asking them to subscribe a newsletter or shop on your site.

Redesign every web page

Conceptually the lead generation processes is utilizing the marketing methods to dynamize and obtain the buyer's interest in your service or product to build sales, which necessarily should involve every single web page. Each web page must be designed to accomplish the further purpose, even if it is about getting the web visitants by asking them to subscribe a newsletter or shop on your site.

Desktop is just not enough

The core intent of website remodeling is productivity, versatility, navigability, and user-friendliness. Currently, it’s not sufficient to just have an attractive desktop website version. For the aim to seize the most of the buyers at the most fortuitous circumstances, at times when customers are purchasing and are making the cost comparisons. You as the Business owner need to be assured with your Mobile App Development Fort Lauderdale that the design is independent of any mobile device it is used for accessing. You may miss much of market audience if your website lacks mobile-friendliness.

Content makes your Website work

The content genre and volume plays a crucial role in redesigning of your site. Catchy, unique, well-framed copy grabs more attention of the reader and further lets them to stay on the site, which often results in more sales or leads to some call to action. For this, the home page must strictly convey your business concept and the advantages the users get with your business. The comprehensive content volume should be communicating, the text should be informative but not dull, and the content should be associated and must go with the latest trend to escape being passive. Call to action is necessary on each and every webpage of your Business site as it converts the website visitors or the web surfers into potential buyers.

To get an edge in your lead generation struggle for your business, Website Redesign is what you need to primarily and necessarily focus on.

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